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East Park

Peggy Laird

Jack Laird

We spent 4 days camping on the shore of East Park reservoir. It is north of Sacramento and west of I-5. We met our friends Jack and Peggy Laird there. We had not seen them since skiing at Telluride last Feb. We had met them 3 years ago skiing in Austria. It was great to see them again. Jack had several members of his family there also, all nice people we enjoyed meeting.

It was a beautiful spot with the golden foothills on the western horizon. It is a place you come to camp free and bring all your water toys. Large groups were dotted along the shore in their motor homes, trailers and tents. Boats, skidoos, rafts and inner tubes were in the water. It is a place where guys talk about their toys, be it motorboat, truck or RV and women talk about what they always talk about.

Jack has a motorboat and took us waterskiing several times a day. He is an excellent water skier, as are Peggy and his daughter. Bob tried it several times and couldn't get up, although he has successfully water-skied in the past. I have never been successful in standing up on the skis and just went along for the ride. We wore bathing suits all day as we were in and out of the water constantly. We went for hair washing about 4:00 p.m. each day in a cove and then a boat ride in lieu of a hair dryer. We cooked communally and had great meals. It was a very relaxing time.

It was very hot, over 100 degrees. It did not cool down much at night. We were constantly cooling off by swimming or floating in the water. The family next to us was in the water on floatation devices all day long. We were not sure if they were mermaids (and men) or had legs.

We did not have electrical hookups so we did not run the air conditioning. Our electric only refrigerator kept the food cold and unspoiled. We ran it on the inverter or the generator. It seems like it will work just fine when we are dry camping. Bob was happy with it as long as it kept the beer cold.

At night we sat not too close to the hot campfire and talked and watched the stars come out. Everyone was younger than us so when Bob told stories about his father in World War II or even our memories of events in the 70s, several people viewed it as talking about ancient history. It was interesting to them, but they did not have much familiarity with what we described. One person 40 years old did not know that Hitler had anything to do with World War II. I guess we are getting old.

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