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We spent several enjoyable days in Napa... One day we drove the Toad (that is RVese for our Suburu tow car) to Los Altos to have dinner with Ed and Barbara Kyser and Marilee and Sam Anderson, two couples we met on the China trip last year. We had a great time catching up on our lives and reminiscing about China. The Andersons are retired school teachers. They are remodeling their house right now. We could sympathize with the headaches about that. The Kysers are planning a trip to the Canadian Maritime Provinces this August. It gave us a good idea of what we want to do in June, 2007. Ed and a partner developed a lot of the technology for the ink jet printer back in the 70s. He never got rich, but made enough money to follow their ideals to commit to a group that espoused the teachings of Jesus Christ for a few years. This group was especially vocal about the peace movement, which is the cornerstone of the way they interpret Christ's teachings. We took a bottle of Potella rose, which went very well with the delicious fish they had grilled. I just loved Marilee's salad and Bob ate 3 helpings of Barbara's blackberry pie. (Poor Bob. I never fix desserts for him.) We stayed overnight.

Another day we went wine tasting in the Alexander Valley at Hanna and Alexander Valley Winery with Carmen and Dave. We like those wines very much. Carmen prepared a delicious meal that evening. Kim and Baby Ian joined us for dinner. We had more wine. We were all very happy.

Yesterday Rick and D.D. Cornelius, Nancy's brother and his wife, came to Napa. We showed them our RV and then went out to eat at Julia Child's restaurant in the Copia. The food is very gourmet and so excellent.

One morning we took a walk on one of the trails here in Skyline Park. Our uphill trek was rewarded by the sight of a doe and two fawns, a rabbit with big ears (we call them jackalopes), two other deer and a well endowed young female runner loping down the hill. It was a beautiful morning with the birds singing gloriously.

Another morning we rode our bikes around and discovered an archery range. We thought we saw deer nibbling the trees, but as we got closer we realized they were practice targets.

We leave today for East Park, a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) site north of Sacramento. We are meeting friends there. We will be doing dry camping, which means no hookups. It will be an interesting test for our refrigerator, which runs only on electricity (not propane also like most RV frigs do). We will see how long we have to run the generator to keep it cold. We hope we have not made a mistake in getting an RV with this type of refrigerator. The advantage of this refrigerator is that it is bigger, makes ice cubes and does not use up the propane so quickly.

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