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The first thing I had to do today was find somewhere that sold watches as mine broke on the plane. However, no where near the hostel was open until 1pm, so I headed for City Hall on the MRT (monorail). Which is so much better than the underground in London! Especially as it's air conditioned!

I found a watch in Raffles Shopping mall, so happy that I now knew the time, I decided to start on the sightseeing. I'm generally not a city person, but Singapore doesn't really feel like a city, in the fact that it's nothing like London, there are a lot of people, but it's not crowded. I found Raffles Hotel, but decided against going into the bar to order a Singapore sling, for one thing it was only half 11 in the morning, and the other thing was that there was a dress code and I doubted that I met the requirements!

Anyhow, I went for a walk to Fort Canning Park where there was a Sculpture park and a spice garden as well as a keramat (Islam burial tomb) for a governer of singapore (I think). After that I decided to head to the MRT to go to Ang Mo Kio which was the closest station to the Singapore Zoo.

I got to the Singapore Zoo around 2pm, bought some lunch and then headed off to see the animals. I saw so many different animals, I can't name them all in this space! But the highlights were Orang Utans, Mandrills, Siamang monkeys, false Gharvials, White Tigers, Jaguars, Pygmy hippos, Zebras, Giraffes, Tree kangaroos, emus, parrots (ones that weren't pining for the Fjords!) as well as in the biodome, several species of butterfly, emerald beetles and diving beetles. There was even a polar bear! It was incredible, especially as several species were in open enclosures, and the Orang Utans were free ranging, as were the other primates. There was an incredibly cute baby Orang Utan hanging onto it's mother as she moved through the trees.

It took me about 3 hours to go around the zoo in all. Although that does include resting in the air conditioned rest areas which are around the zoo, which is an excellent idea. Seeing as I'd bought a combined ticket for the zoo and Night Safari, I had some time to waste so I went and looked at some of the animals again until 6pm when the safari opened. I bought some dinner, and almost got a Singapore sling, until I realised it cost the same as the meal I'd just bought! So I decided against it.

The tram ride was at half 7, so before then we had an opportunity to have our photos taken with some animals (a horned owl, a serval and an African python.) There was also a show by some indiginous tribes people from Borneo which included lots of jumping and chanting, breathing and eating fire and showing the use of some of their traditional weapons, like blowpipes.

So, an incredibly amazing day, but very tiring. I'm not sure whether I want to stay here for an extra night or not, seeing as I think I might get to see everything else I wanted to see tomorrow, which would mean I'll be heading into Malaysia on Friday. I guess I'll just see how I feel tomorrow.

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