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Just on the road again, got to see a lot of this..

And this

and this

and this


Throw in your occasional storm for fun


Salt Flats


just into Nevada from Utah

Stone art in the salt flats

just waiting to get in

So close to the gate, yet so far


Monday night at our joint

Ben making drinks


All the girls had watches! What's up with that now?





In case you were wondering how important safety is. .

this wall of sand just rolled across the playa


Robert and Liam working on the genny



Jason holding the dome down thru the wind


Disco never dies!


Brit and Spoon

Storm passe's and it's all blue again!


life size jack in the box

Wish we had chinese deliverary, food gets a bit repetitive by the...

Welcome to Philly

This is our crew from New Zealand to the Playa, 6 months...

Yes it still gets dusty

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Middle America

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One of the many twisters

(MP4 - 2.63 MB)

The burn

So I've been out on the road again for the last 2 weeks driving from the East with a slight detour to Vermont on my way to Burning Man. Now usually when I do this I like to take my time and set a leisurely pace across the states but alas this was not so this time. Pulling 12 to 15 hours a day driving and sleeping in my truck in truck stops brought a whole new level of fun to the journey. But seriously it was all good and I made it to Reno, Nevada on time plus the truck is now well over 200'000 miles on it and apparently still doing alright.

Let's see, Burning Man. . . This year was a bit different in the camp, a few new faces and a few new extras for the camp. An extended shade structure, fridge, freezer, a few new art projects out front and apparently a few rather famous DJ's (King Brit, Marcus White, and Nigel Richards) and of course their own perspective entourages. With this all said it was a good time but I feel that my time at Burning Man is coming to an end, dynamics changing in the camp and responsibilities at home are growing. I think one of the things that I have always enjoyed about coming to this event has always been the journey and now that I can't spend as much time to see the country (it is a big one isn't it?) and visit friends (quite a few) the journey doesn't seem as much fun and more like work.

But lets take a look at Burning Man, it is so hard to explain because there are so many facets to the same project. Art projects big and small, vehicles that have been altered to fit what ever ideas that their owners dreamed of while under the fog of some altered state, crazy hippies and rave heads. 150 ft flowers made on telescoping, articulating arms. car's made into boats, boats made into cars, lectures, free food, planes flying in formation, bodies falling from the skies, lot's of pyro technics (I mean it is called Burning Man). Massive dust storms and temperature changes from about the 40's F - 100+. The list goes on about what you can see or do out there. Everybody's take is always different so if you want to understand it then you have to go. .

As I type this I am sitting in a room in Reno and about to head to SF to meet up with a few friends and then head to LA to leave my truck for the time being and flying back to Philly so that I can catch my flight to Munich. I almost feel like things are just a bit hectic right now. . .

Since I was away though one of our close family friends has been diagnosed with cancer and this brings with it a hard reminder on the frailties of life and I think a reminder of what is important. Your friends and family.

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