CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

Feeding the monkeys!!

Claire and her monkey!!

Becky and her kyaking partner - Chok!

Railay Beach. You can only get there by Longtail boats!!

Ko Lanta - the view from our resort!

Bexta and her boyfriend - Chok!

Bexta feeding the elephant

Little elephant with a flashing bottom!

We have been in Krabi for about 4 days now and we have really enjoyed it. We originally were just going to stop here for one night before heading out to one of the nearby beaches or islands to stay there, but we have landed on our feet here. We have been staying in a very posh guesthouse, almost a hotel or so it feels compared to some of the places we have been staying in. When we walked into our bedroom and found a hot shower, a flushing toilet and lovely clean white sheets on the bed (and no sand, we thought we were in heaven! We thought we would make the most of this place and have been using it as a bit of a base from which to explore the other islands and beaches etc and it has worked out quite well.

We went on a day trip kyaking one day with Chok (Becky's new boyfriend, will tell you all shortly!!). On our day out we had lunch on a secluded beach with a bunch of monkeys who proceeded to steal all of our lunch!! Then after kyaking through the mangrove swamps later, we then fed them from our boats. No monsoons this day thank god, just a leaking canoe that CJ had that had lost it's plug and had to be emptied frequently!!

Another day out was to Ao Nang which is the nearest beach but there was a fair bit of construction work going on so we swiftly headed out the more remote and more picturesque beach - Railay beach. Here we managed a good couple of hours of swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing before the rain came down again. So it's not sun, sun, sun here at the moment, but it is warm so we can't really complain!

On Tuesday we went to Phi Phi on a day trip. Originally we were going to stay there for a few days but having spoken to a few people about it we are glad we didn't. It is a lovely island but certainly almost at saturation point now with tourists (most of them Korean!!). We did take a boat out to Phi Phi Lay and had our first real taste of proper snorkelling out here though which was good.

Yesterday we headed out to Ko Lanta for the night having heard many nice things about this island. Yes it is a lovely island but our time on it wasn't probably the best it could have been. The weather probably didn't help as it did rain a fair bit, but the most annoying thing was the time that we had to sit around and wait for transfers to and from the pier. No one seems to be in a hurry which is great in some respects but when you have been travelling for a while and just want to get to your resort and are stuck in a travel shop in the heat of the day it isn't much fun!! All in all a lovely peaceful island and very friendly people but we are glad to return back for one last night to Krabi and our posh guesthouse!!

Onto Becky's boyfriend. Chok, a resident at this guesthouse took a liking to her the minute we walked in the door, and hasn't hardly left her side since!! So anybody that wants to experience a Thai wedding you had better book your plane tickets now!! It has been very helpful though as Chok seems to know everyone in Thailand and when we went to Ko Lanta they found out that we knew him and made sure we were looked after properly.

Next stop the Ko Sok National Park tomorrow and then onto Bangkok.

And lastly we just had to show you a picture of an unusual sight that we saw earlier, well unusual coming from the UK, but probably not in Thailand - we have just seen a baby elephant walking down the road with a flashing light on his tail so that he doesn't get run over (as it's dark)!!

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