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Amy and me

mmmm meat


Kevin strikin a pose

It's Kevy!

Kris and me

Grillin up some meat

Leona and her heiniken

Leona and Kevin

Me, Amy, Kev and Kris

Me and the plum wine

Mmm alcohol soaked plums

Maybe a bit more

Not so tasty

Mmm lettuce

The roommates

Way too much to drink haha


The girls...what face am I making?!?

Who's the cook?

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Thats the best move

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And that's how it goes

Ok so this was my last night in Dublin in this apartment anyways. Bittersweet for sure! Today was Kevin's Birthday, Happy Birthday Kevy!!! The big 2 3...oh to be that young again haha..I kid!

Met up with Amy and Kevin and we headed over to Leona's place for a few drinks before dinner. I had made reservations at a Korean BBQ place earlier in the evening. The restaurant is only a minute from Leona's. We met up with Kris there. The restuarant was really cool but confusing. There is a thing in the middle of the tables for you to cook your own food on.

We ordered some plum rice wine which was really good, very sweet. Tried Kimchi even though none of us had a clue what it was. Tasty. We ordered some beef and pork and some vegetables to cook up. Had noodles and rice as well. They bring you some spices to put on the meat and then a sauce to dip it in after. We all took turns grilling.

The food was all really good and really inexpensive. After dinner we headed back to Leona's for a few more drinks. We ended up watching old music videos from the 80's. This is when I decided that it would be a great idea to show off Susannne, Crystal and my dance we made up for Tiffany's song I think we're alone now.

Leona thought this moment needed to be captured on tape so you all get to see it as well. Ok my dancing skills were not at their prime last night haha neither were my singing skills..not that I have any!

Had a really good night with everyone and it was sad to say bye to everyone...

Kev..good luck with the job and the commute!!! I'll be back to hang out with you. Don't worry you haven't seen the last of me!!! You'll have to come to Cork to visit me and Kayla!

Amy..have a safe flight back home! Good luck getting back into the real world and getting a job. I'll have to make a trip out to the eastern part of Canada now since I kow a few people over there! Keep in touch!

Leona and's been fun living with you two! We had some really fun nights. I'll miss you both but this isn't the end since I've left some bags with you Kris! You guys will be my friends for life and i'm so happy about that! You will have to come visit me in Cork!

But now I'm far too excited to get out of Dublin!!! My flight to Edinburgh is quickly approaching. I couldn't even sleep tonight. Way too excited.

CHeck back for more of my fun adventures!!

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