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The Samurai group

Hayman Island, went snorkelling here



Looking good in my stinger suit!

Still smiling despite the weather

Not quite Titanic


Well i wish I could dazzle you with the pictures of stunning white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters but unfortunately it rained the whole time we were in the Whitsundays paradise!!!

We took a two night trip on a maxi racing yacht called Samurai. Despite the weather being about the most unlucky it could get we still had a wicked time. I did my first dive and it was sooooo good, I couldnt believe the world down there it was so stunning. Plus the group we were with was really cool and the food was amazing so I was chuffed. So now we are back on dry land we are going to looking for work on one of the boats in the hope we will get to see the Whitsundays how they are meant to be seen...in sunshine!!! Went out with our group on a brilliant night the day we got back and the sun is out again so its all good!

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