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Everyone Took Great Delight In Transferring The Plates On The Volvo.

Next Up Was A Visit To Adia's New Office At Elections BC.

The New Manager of Human Resources For Elections BC.

A Quiet Friday Night Reading To Maisie And Drinking Wine

A Very Happy Couple - TGIF!

Maisie Loves To Pose For The Camera

Does This Man Look Retired, Or What?



We chose to take the ferry to Nanaimo so that we could enjoy the drive down the island in the autumn sun. We were not disappointed. There is so much development along the way now, that the only forested spaces are along the Malahat and through Goldstream Provincial Park.

Adia left work early to meet us at her home - a friend was coming to buy her Tercel - she is selling it to make way for the Volvo - a gift from us. The car is the last of our possessions to be jettisoned - now we are down to our 20" rolling suitcases and small backpacks. As you can see from the photo above - Geoff and Adia are delighted to put BC plates on the Volvo - and Anil was only too happy to assist.

We joined Adia's friends for dinner at the Korean Gardens and Adia drove the Volvo home - she has to familiarize herself with the much larger car before she takes her driver's exam in a couple of weeks.

Adia took the day off on Thursday and took us to the new development at Bear Mountain just outside of Victoria. We ate lunch overlooking the golf course - Anil seemed to be regretting not bringing his clubs along. We toured the BC Lottery showhome at the crest of the mountain and fantasized having to come home to take possession of the home for Adia and Geoff to caretaker. Seeing that we are now homeless, we decided to purchase a ticket - haven't taken the leap before - what would we do with two homes anyway.

The evening saw us delivering the Tercel to its new family - a Nigerian couple who were thrilled to get the 16-year-old beauty for their move to Edmonton. Vicki had a great time talking to the couple about Nigeria and the changes that have taken place since she taught there in 1971. The couple brought out a stack of photo albums to share - a custom that hasn't seemed to change at all.

We had Ethiopian food for dinner at the Cook Street Village. Seems we don't really need to leave Canada to have a variety of ethnic foods and share stories with people from far away places.

Our last day in Victoria found us uploading photos to our travel website and downloading music to our iPods. We have so very few possessions left but they do seem to consume so much computer time managing them.

At last there was time for grocery shopping for dinner and a walk by the ocean. Just as we arrived a thick fog started rolling in and we returned to Adia's, dreaming of warmer walks by warmer oceans in the weeks to come.


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