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A Great Photo Of Our Son Raj

The Multi-Million Dollar Townhouses That Are Part Of The Complex Where He...

The Zen Garden That Fills The Courtyard With Water, Rock and Greenery

Another View Of The Marina...Such A Lovely Sunny Morning.



Raj moved to his new home near the Bayshore in July and we are looking forward to seeing the new location. He tells us that he finds it so much quieter than living on Burrard and that he loves the sound of the small floatplanes taking off from the water just near the marina.

Raj's instructions to take the Hastings Street exit from the Trans Canada highway meant we approached his fabulous rented condo through some of the bleakest urban decay Canada has to offer. Perhaps this was meant to prepare us for the contrasts yet to come in South East Asia and India. If we believe that third-world conditions exist only outside our borders, we need only to look at little more closely at the shortcomings of our own culture here at home.

Raj arrived on foot to where we were parked near the Coal Harbour marina. It's just a short walk from his downtown office and he looked relaxed and fit as he strode along towards us. His apartment is as comfortable and elegant as it looked in the photos he sent but it was a little strange to see it furnished with many of our pieces from our condo in Edmonton. We are happy it works well in his setting - he now has so much more storage for all the little things that tend to clutter up a small space.

Raj took us on a tour of the development, an amazing complex of apartments, townhouses and watery space. The interior courtyard is almost all flowing water, rock and greenery. The lap pool and indoor gym look out onto this space - who would ever want to leave and go to work?

We must be on the West Coast because we were able to sit outside at Cardero's (on the marina) to enjoy our meal - at the end of September. The place was packed on a Tuesday night - they announce your table ready by hoisting a flag up a line - are we still on dry land?

After enjoying an early swim and steam and soaking up the atmosphere in the garden, we departed for the Horseshoe Bay ferry to take us to Vancouver Island and Victoria. Raj was off early to the office - retirement doesn't get much better than this.


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