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Waterslides at Erawan Waterfall

Having been away for a few days to Koh Tao and settled back into Bangkok we decided to go for a cisit to Kanchanburi province where the Famous Bridge over the River Kwai is amongst many other attractions. Through a frend of Jamies we contacted a taxi driver called Mr Tee, funny guy talked a lot thouh and for me thats saying something. It took about two hours to drive there which wasn't too bad as we just chilled in the back with a few beers and good air con, dodgy tunes though he had a MP3 player conected to his radio which he was very proud of over 500 tunes you know! Yeah 500 shit tunes mate sort it out for gods sake. Any after arriving and him trying to palm us off at some dodgy in the middle of no where Hotel, We got a really cheap room about 4 squid for the night, no hot water or air con but nice room with a fan right on the River Kwai. Right in a mini backpacker area really quite but just what we were looking for.

We set off quite early hired a pick up truck between 5 of us. Jamie & Danny, Nathan and Enn and Gooseberry Biggs. Set of for about an hour through some of the most beautiful contryside Ive ever seen, amazing. Eventually got to Erawan Waterfall about 9am, this is the most vistited national park in Thailand and you can tell why, its a 7 tiered waterfall going up 2000m we went upto the 5th tier as we were short on time but were able to swim in 3 of the rock pools which form under each fall.

There is loads of fish in each one which will eat any dead skin from your body, as I am currently peeling from my days of bad sun screen management in Koh Tao, I kept getting eaten all over, not the best experience Ive ever had. We were able to climb under the falls and dive and slide down some of thr rock formations. Had a great day there. Well recommend a visit.

Then we set off for the Tiger Temple where the monks look after stray tigers. We were able to get a quick walk round and stroke some of the tigers, weird experience let me tell you. We should have gone there at about 1pm when they have just been fed and there sleepy in the midday sun but we didn't get there until 5pm so they were a bit frisky and had to sign a form to say we were happy to be their supper, just in case.

We got slighty lost on the way there and nearly ran out of petrol in the middle of the jungle as I was map reading and decided to take a short cut, like I know this place like the back of my hand. I was actually quite excited at the prospect of breaking down and having to find a village or farm to stay at, adventure and all that but luckily we came across a monastry in the middle of no where so Biggsy the navigator had to get out and offer my alliegance to buddha to get directions off the monks. Ever since the visit I feel I strange calm, I now feel enlightened. Yeah right, just give me the directions so I can get out of here baldly tango man.

I reccomend a visit to Kanchanburi and will defo be coming back when I come back to Thailand in Feb next year. There are so many more interesting places to visit here I just can't ignore it. See you next year Kanchanburi

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