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Crossing the Mississippi

Beautiful scenery


Left Jellystone Park at 7:00 this morning. Had a little storm last night and was cloudy and humid this morning. We are just the other side of the Missouri River so plenty of water around. It was 90ยบ when we got here last night, cloudy and probably about 80% humidity. We found out that Sioux Falls is the "Pheasant Capital of the World" but we didn't see any pheasants driving in. Also told they grow soybeans here.

We were very proud of ourselves last night because we made the satellite dish work...hooray for us! We have had great results with the GPS also. It has been a real time saver several times. It directs us right to the campgrounds and is terrific to tell us what is coming up ahead. Also, it gives me something to play with while driving down the road. We have really enjoyed he satellite radio too. Never having to look for a radio station has saved our sanity (mine because I don't have to mess with it and David because he doesn't have to deal with me playing with the radio). We also have a book called the "Exit Source" that has been really helpful. It lists every exit on the major highways so we can see what is available to us up ahead, i.e. gas, RV friendly rest areas, camping, etc. Never leave home on a long trip without it.

Uh-Oh, there goes the "Welcome to Minnesota" sign. I can see that getting a photo in each state will not be an easy task!

Tonight we will be at Coloma, Wisconsin. One thing we found out about Minnesota, the interstate highway was really, really bad. About every 10 feet there was a little berm which when driving over it gave the feeling of driving on four flat tires. This went on for many miles so it was a long, tiring day and we could only drive about 50 mph because of it. The truck drivers told us that it gets better in Wisconsin (thank goodness!) Got to the campground around 4:00 p.m.

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