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Colonial Kuala Lumpur

The petronnas Towers

KL is fairly fascinating melting pot of cultures and ways of life. Throbbing modern malls alongside timeless street life. I can't remember seeing such diversity as we experienced here in all of our trip. This was a modern teeming asian metropolis and was a side of Asia that had so far remained unseen to us. It's not uncommon to see immacualtely turned out malay women, legs displayed in all their glory (and credit where credit's due, malaysian women do have good legs) alongside muslim women in their traditional wear. Such juxtapostion is the staple of modern cities I suppose. I did experience something like culture shock on arrival here though. The semaless transport system, the ease of buying things, it all just seemed so easy. The things that we'd pined for all year were there for the taking and all we, or rather I, could do was lament the loss of the frantic chaos that we'd left. I think I'd struggle to find anyone as contrary as msyelf. The grass is always bloody greener with me!

the culture shock wore off however and the highlight of our stay for me was strolling around the park that surrounds the Petronas Towers. There is a wonderful waterfall and playing pool for KL's children and it was a pleasure to see these city families relaxing together at the weekend.

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