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Almost a month has passed since my last journal entry. This isn't to say there's nothing to talk about. New Zealand has offered me so much over the past four months in terms of activities, hospitality and employment! My last report was from the ski fields of Wanaka way back in July, since that entry I have made two trips up to Wanaka to Ski. I've included some pictures of Treble Cone ski field and its view of Wanaka. I've had a great time skiing and despite its size, Treble Cone ski field is world class with some of the best powder I have ever ridden! The incredible off pieste powder was courtesy of some very lucky timing with the weather. All three of the weekends I visited Wanaka, the weather was perfect with a recent dump of snow.

Anyway, that's enough of the skiing. I have now left Dunedin for the time being. I have spent the best part of 4 months in Dunedin and have to say that for such an obscure place on the edge of the world, it really is a special city. Film festivals, theatre, live jazz, pleasant beaches, beautiful wildlife, and cracking bars are just a few of the things I have enjoyed. And that's not to mention the people either! I've very rarely met so many friendly people in one place before, especially the people I worked with at the Ministry of Health.

So I was sad to leave Dunedin on Saturday, and will return again soon. I am now back in Christchurch where Alison and I will leave for Asia on Saturday. That's right; Asia! The North Island road trip idea is out of the window, and instead Alison and I are flying out to Bangkok via Singapore. The aim is to travel overland to Hanoi in a little over four weeks before returning to Auckland and subsequently flying home (Alison's plans deviate slightly from this, however she will be returning home a little after me).

So, yeah, there are some pictures up there for now, and brace yourself for colourful pictures from South East Asia!

*** I'm a lazy arse, the photos will follow shortly ***

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