CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

Guess how many people you can get in the back of a...

One of the many fire dancers!

So this is what all the fuss was about - the full...

Bex and her ghecko!!

Claire and her bucket!!

The fun started when nobody seemed to know what night the full moon party actually was on due to a Buddist holiday on 28th. But we decided that there was probably enough action on the beach to make it a full moon party (and it was the right night in the end)!

Our journey began with 18 of us jammed into the back of a Ute! Going up the steep and bumpy tracks was quite entertaining to say the least, but we all got there in one piece! Hat Rin beach where the actual party was taking place was packed with about 2/3,000 revellers dancing, drinking and taking an impromptu dip in the sea under the watchful eye of the full moon!

Having promised our folks that we would never get tatoos, we settled for the next best thing - a glow in the dark tatoo (that is made of washable paint)!! Bexta settled for an odd shaped ghecko whilst CJ ended up with an unfinished butterfly (see the photos).

We had a great time, and managed to stay out of trouble by dancing the night away in a chilled out bar which was set in the mountain overlooking the beach and finally got back to the bungalows at dawn!

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