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The view from our bungalow!

Our bungalow and the resident dalmations!

Sunset over coconut beach

And they say the roads in Britain are bad (the road to...

A night out on the tiles for Miraid's birthday - Peach, Becky,...

Hey we're in paradise. Having just left Ko Samui which was a bit of a dive of a place and certainly not what either of us had imagined, we have just had our faith restored in what Thailand actually is all about. We have found accommodation in the form of 'Coconut Bungalows' which are almost brand new, and certainly a step above our last place. Still no hot water or a flushing toilet though, but we are getting fairly used to this now!!

The resort is on a very secluded beach which doesn't have many people on it, and we have actually managed a few swims now without getting taken out by the waves!!

We finally got talking to some fellow travellers in the form of two mad irish nurses - Maraid and Becky!! On our first night here it was Maraid's birthday so we joined in with the celebrations and made a trip down to Hat Rin for the night to check out the warm up to the full moon party!! It was here that we discovered Thailand's very own rum (Sansom) and is served in buckets with sprite and redbull!! And all for the grand price of a couple of quid!!

Now you won't believe us but check out the photos, there are two resident dalmations living here! They were very cute and very friendly, but got told off on many occasions by the lady of the house in the form of a plastic tennis racket!! God did they yelp!!

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