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Well, we had to pay for the internet here in Fiji, but as we have 4 hours to kill in the airport, we saw it as an investment in time. The flight was 3 and a half hours and rather uneventful. Dispair struck when we read the in-flight magazine before we took off and discovered that there was not only one Sarah Jessica Parker film on, but TWO! One of which we saw on a previous flight. It was ok though as there were a few other alright-ish films on (Ash watched 'Ice Age' and Fiona saw somthing about ballroom danncing with Antonio Banderas).

No one is interested in this, so I'll change the subject to the opera, which was fantastic. The Pirate King sort of stole the show by being played as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribbean. As I haven't seen any other productions of Pirates of Penzance, I have no way to compare him to the standard Pirate King, but the whole lack-lustre, casual and flippant delivery was very funny. Champagne at the interval made for a very cultured and enjoyable evening. We can't put up pictures of us all dressed up and nice because the airport computers don't have USB ports, but we'll add some when we get back, which isn't long at all!

Next stop Hawaii!

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