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Whitsunday glimpse

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Thar she blows! (cheesiest caption EVER!) Whales!

Hello hello!

We habve made it to Cairns in our trusty yellow ford, though or days together are numbered (with very small numbers). We are in fact putting together our for sale sign, which hopefully will get old Frangapani sold and us on a boat out tothe Great Barrier Reef ASAP.

We did go on a sailing trip in the Whitsunday Islands and it was super amazing. The Whitsundays are the place where many a postcard is made and many a holiday commercial is shot, with all the white sand beaches, green hills and aquamarine water. We went on a catamaran with 30 of our closest friends and had a blast. We went snorkelling on a reef and terrified ourselves by seeing (benign) jellyfish. Rob freaked out totally and then was fine, but you know. Small jellyfish = horrible painful death for those of us not bothered with actually knowing the bad ones from the regular ones!

We went swimming at Whitehaven beach, a place renowned for it's powdery perfectly white sand. It squeaks when you walk on it (because it's so fine)!

But, coolest of the cool was on the way out on the first day we saw humpback whales, three of them. And did we ever see them, they came up near the boat and put on a show, raising a flipper, then we got three perfect tails in the air and one half pushed himself out of the water and fell back so we saw his face. They were there with us for about 20 minutes and it was unbelievable. They are HUGE and beautiful and we all felt really lucky to see them. Check out the video(the very beginning is the face popping back into the sea, and listen for the blowhole action!).

We've also been lucky and seen 2 goannas (3-foot long lizards) and a sweet tree frog in the wild. We're back in the tropical north and it looks it!

So, that's us in a nutshell. Thanks for the travel information and we will be careful on our way back. Looks like we'll be travelling light :)

Take care all


marianne and rob

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