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Pulau Papan - Malaysian Borneo

Bonfire time

Mr Wake collecting coconuts

Although this part of the trip only lasted three days, i really thought it was worth a mention. On the way to Brunei, we thought it would be a good idea to stop of and relax on one of the beautiful deserted islands, enjoy some local cuisine, make the most of duty free alcohol and generally relax for a few days. on arriving in Labuan, a large island off the coast of Borneo, things looked promising, we quickly arranged a boat to take us to a smaller, uninhabited island that according to the lonelyplanet had been 'recently developed for tourism'. After a quick trip to the supermarket for essentials (we were informed at the last minute that there was no restaurant, shop, drinking water e.t.c on the island) we were off, and as the boat dissappeared into the distance, not to return for two days, things looked good. the island really was deserted, and the resort looked like the last guests were there twenty years ago. After chasing away a four foot lizard and stringing up the mosquito net, we were all set. we had a grand little day making fires swimming and snoozing, and after all the excitement we were all looking forward to a good nights sleep. this turned out to be impossible on account of an army of mosquitos that had previously been living off a skinny cat and the occassional rat. We were laying in our oven of a hut like a tray of juicy Frankfurters, and they were going to take full advantage. after a few hours of consistant biting and sweating (according to the little chap that ran the place all the fans were condemned)we gave up and went to stand on the pier, the only place on the whole island with any sort of breeze, were we remained until sunrise, confused and itching. The next day was equally as relaxing as the first, but made slightly uncomfortable by the thought of the night to come. By this time we were running dangerously low on water, and were having to quench our thirst by pulling down and cracking open fresh coconuts (this sounds exotic, and was for the first one, but after a couple the novelty really wears a little thin). The second night was spent hidden under the mosquito net at the end of the pier, not the most comfortable place in the world, but there was a slight breeze and the mosquitos were scared of venturing away from land, so it wasn't quite the baked and bitten mess of the first night. So that was the end of our little adventure, the next day after a morning of coconuts (By this time even the sight of a coconut made me feel very strange)we were off back to Labuan for an evening of cold beer, good seafood and a bed that wasnt on stilts three foot above the south China sea.

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