Anthony and Heather South-East Asia 2002 travel blog

An overcast Viang Vieng

Viang Vieng bridge

Plough transport

Viang Vieng toll bridge

Viang Vieng market and bus station

Viang Vieng is a small village on a river amongst Karst limestone hills. Very popular with travellers just for hanging out in. We walked a bit in the area, mostly along the river and to nearby caves, of whihc there were many. Best was a very bumpy ride on a trailer pulled by a motorised plough out to see some caves nearby, where Heather also had a swim. The caves were huge, with this buddha in the middle, very atmospheric. We didn't have a guide to take us through the caverns, so just went around the big ones. The limestone was very slippy and I nearly broke my leg.

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