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Ok, here I am still sitting in Philly when I was orgionally planning a last massive roadtrip across the US. Going south thru the Carolina's, down to Austin, bumping up to Sante Fe and going over to LA before heading north to San Francisco via Santa Barbra and then to Reno and finally the Black Rock Desert and Burning Man.

It appears that

A - I seriously had not thought about the amount of time needed for this little indevour. Trying to squeeze a minimum of a months worth of traveling into 14 days. I should of left at the beginning of August.

B - Money, I don't have as much as I thought I did.

C - After spending so much time on the road I find myself enjoying the comforts of home.

So that is it eh? Time, money and motivation, I think that breaks it down to the simplest denominators. I am wondering really what would be more fun the road or the event? Now a days I have been thinking more the road.

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