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Arrived on Tioman

Huge Monitor Lizards

Taking a dip!

View from our veranda on Salang beach

Salang beach

We arrived at Pulau Tioman after a rather bumpy flight with Berjaya Air on 26th Oct.

After getting our sea taxi (there are no roads on the island) to the village of ABC it promptly pissed it down and barely stopped for the 5 day's we were there. We gave ABC 2 days before moving to Salang (further north - again by sea taxi).

Tioman is such an odd place - it could be 'paradise island', with a dense rainforest interior with only small sections of the coastline inhabited, if it wasn't for the following: 40 mosquito bites in 3 days, 20 sand fly bites in 3hrs (whilst lying on the beach on the only day of partial sunshine!), neglected accommodation, un-friendly staff/people, poor food (served by 2 transvestites, one of which was the only friendly person we found and showing some common courtesy!) and almost non-stop rain (we were expecting some due to it being the beginning of the monsoon season). Despite all of that there were some impressive white-sand beaches, scenery, coral reefs and excellent close encounters with huge, wild Monitor lizards (approx. 5ft long/1ft wide).

We couldn't stick it out for the full 10 days and returned to safe Singapore after 5!

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