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Out in Chaweng, Koh Samui

Out in Chaweng, Koh Samui

Thai Band

Claire and Tom

Katie and Jesse

We had to be up early again so we could down at the tour office at 8.40am and catch our taxi boat to Krabi. Jesse and Katie were there, as they were also going to Koh Samui. We were told there that the weather could be bad in Krabi, so we would be dropped at a closer port and picked up by a minivan which would take us to the bus station in Krabi. From there we could then get our bus to Surat Thani on the East coast of Thailand, and from the port at Surat Thani we could get the ferry to Koh Samui.

We got on the small taxi boat by wading through the water, again, and it took us to the small port. There were two couples on our boat that were travelling together, Tom and Claire, and Joe and Katie. They were all English, except Katie who was Australian. We got chatting them once we were at the port. They were all really cool and, like us, were heading to Koh Samui. After waiting a while we were all a little concerned as the minibus hadn't shown up, and we wondered if we would miss our bus from Krabi. We were assured it was on its way and after a little while longer it did arrive. At this point we all still thought we were going to the bus station in Krabi to get a proper bus, but then the driver said he would be taking us all the way to Surat Thani in the minivan! So we all piled in and then picked up another couple from a nearby hostel.

After a while of driving we noticed that the driver was nearly falling asleep at the wheel! In fact he did seem to nod off a couple of times! Not good, especially as the weather was bad. He kept beeping his horn for no apparent reason and we figured he must have been doing it to keep himself awake! He pulled over to buy himself some Red Bull (which is packed with amphetamines in Thailand!). He also pulled over loads of times so he could go to the toilet (which was normally at the roadside!). The rain seemed to be helping him wake up. Joe, who was sat right behind the driver, was not impressed and made sure he kept tapping the driver every time he thought he was going to doze off.

We thankfully arrived in Surat Thani about 4 hours later, still alive, and stopped at the tour shop which had a café where we had to wait. Whilst we were there we ordered some drinks and food, which was served to us by our bus driver. We joked with him that he should be sleeping, but Joe was still not impressed with him.

After an hour at the café we got back in the minivan and the same driver took taken down to the port, which was about ½ an hour away. He dropped us off and we boarded the ferry. It was quite a big one and we all got seats inside. The large TV on there was screening one Thailand's favourite sitcoms, which seemed to be set in the past and made no sense to us as it was all in Thai.

The 1 hour crossing passed fairly quickly and soon enough we were on Koh Samui. We arranged for a taxi van to take the 8 of us to the main resort, Chaweng Beach, as we hadn't booked any accommodation. We were dropped off at the north end of Chaweng and decided to walk up the beach to find some accommodation. After trying a couple of hostels, which were fully booked, we decided the girls should wait with the bags whilst the guys went and tried some more places. Colin went with Joe, while Tom went with Jesse. After trying a few places Colin and Joe found one on the beach, called Lucky Mothers. It had some very small, shabby, shack style bungalows, which weren't very nice but they were just off the beach, plus they were cheap and there was room for each couple to have one. The lonely planet said they were some of the original beach bungalows set up for backpackers. They certainly looked it! Colin and Joe went back to meet the others and see what Tom and Jesse had found, but they hadn't found anything so Lucky Mothers it was! We dumped our stuff in our bungalow and arranged to meet everyone to go out for dinner.

We had to head into the town to get some mossie spray and Colin ended up buying some linen pants at a stall. We then got ready and met everyone else. We all took a wander along the beach and had dinner at a place called the Ark Bar. It was really busy. Then after dinner we walked through the town and had some drinks at a place that was playing live music. It was a Thai band and it was quite funny listening to them trying to sing English songs. When they were having a break the longhaired male singer came over. He seemed to think Joe was his new biggest fan and was telling him where and when he'd be playing next. It was so funny as Joe had no idea why this guy had come over to speak to him! What was more impressive was being introduced to Thai Whiskey, which was extremely cheap and very easy to drink with Sprite. We all got a bit drunk and headed back to our bungalows quite late.

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