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Koalas. Truly Australian.

The aforementioned 'Funny fat bird', aka 'Kookuburra'.

Thankfully, this chamelion didn't feel like 'blending in'.

The Kangaroo. Also truly Australian.

The grand concert hall of the Sydney Opera House.

The zoo was reallyreallyreally cool! I (fiona) jumped alongside the kangaroos (after trying to find them for about 3 hours) and then stopped as we realised how big and strong they look and we were probably pissing them off. The adult males could take any one of you. Who has seen that Mighty Boosh episode? We saw Koalas and Wombats and Tigers and a Komodo Dragon. It was like being little again. There was peacocks walking round everywhere and an Emu. We stayed at the zoo for hours and were thoroughly knackered on the way home. As most of the journey was by ferry this made it all ok as the trip is always more fun that way.

Saturday we went for a tour of the Opera House which was interseting. I was quite surprised actually. I know the outside is beautiful but I didn't expect it to be that different inside to other theatres. Luckily Ash persuaded me to go. It was well worth it. The concert hall is stunning. We saw every hall except the Opera hall. Tonight we will see the Opera hall however as Ash got me an early birthday present to go and see Pirates Of Penzance at the Opera House. I'm really excited. The only thing is I may have to buy a pair of shoes as one pair has holes in the soles and is ripped all along the side and the other are sports sandals. Oh well ;-) I'm going to wear make up again too if I can remember how to do it!

Betty was back just for the night on Saturday so we hung out with her and watched The Bill. That's right Aussies, Neighbours sucks but The Bill is quality viewing. Right?

We had planned to go to a museum on Sunday but after a walk on the beach we didn't want to leave. Chips on the beach it is. Hurrah for vinegar which is apparently as hard to come across as Marmite. Fourtunately Australia sees the benfit of vinegar on chips, Asia take heed. Actually Asia - get chips. (Ashley told me to write this I of course embraced the delights of Asian cusine. Although not as wholeheartedly as I embraced the chips on the beach) its nice hanging out on the beach for many reasons. It's winter so I don't have to bother with suncream but still warm enough. Beautiful people dance with the waves on their surfboards right in front of you and its ok to watch them without feeling pervy. People bring music so you can listen in on Silverchair, the first music I've heard out loud for so long. Some guy had a remote control surfer which was fun. There is no rubbish. There is no dog poo or dogs. There is no smoking. Make all beaches like this.

Monday we finally got to the Australian museum. It was fun and cheap and I learned all sorts of interesting things which I have forgotton already. A lot of it seems to be based around how Australia's many ecosystems get continually messed up or destroyed by people from the Northern Hemisphere and we should all just rack off. They have a little pet croc too. We went down to Darling Harbour afterwards. We were told this was nice which it is but if you aren't there for an expensive meal there doesn't seem to be a whole lot. There is an I-MAX theatre though. I have walked past the London one countless times but this time we went in and watched Deep Sea 3D. It was narrated by Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp which seemed a little strange?! From this I learned that often the more beautiful a thing is the more vicious, cunning and poisonous it is.

Yesterday we went up Sydney tower to walk around and take photos. Unfortunately as we got up there it didn't just rain for the first time since we've been here it actually hailed! We hung out up there for a bit as we were both only wearing t shirts. I made good use of the time and my money by buying those uni self catering essestials such as an oven glove which looks like a kangaroo. Part of the tower ticket takes you on OzTrek. This involves absolutely no trekking. Its one of those rides where you feel like you're moving but you're actually not and it tells you all this stuff about Australia. I was grinning like a five year old. Back to Darling Harbour and we went to the Aquarium this time (I guess there is stuff to do there after all) It was great. The first display was of platypuses or whatever the plural is. I've never seen them before they're crazy. They had all sorts of coral and jellyfish and tropical fish that live around the Great Barrier Reef we saw sharks and giant mantarays and crayfish bigger than me. The only thing was the touch pool was closed. I did become slightly distraught over this but was cheered up by clown fish :)

Must be off now to possibly buy shoes. Tomorrow is our last day and we are going to innocently inquire about the price to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge before deciding if we should. If not, we haven't got to Bondi beach yet.

Fiona and Ashley. Over and out!


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