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Hello friends,

I am reviewing journal entries at long last, and as I brought up the web page I noticed a flashing icon in the corner for the first time. It is for a link to incoming messages that were received during the course of the trip which I - in my confused state - failed to notice! I apologize to all who wrote, with words and messages of encouragement during the course of our journey, for not having responded. I also feel disappointed that we missed out on those words of encouragement during the trip. Thank you to all who wrote.

Now that we are home in Truckee, we have an opportunity to reflect on the trip. We have had LOTS of conversations with friends, neighbors and family members regarding our journey. People are curious and interested and we are happy to talk about our journey. It was indeed a profound personal experience, which we are able to savour on many different levels. It continually reminds me of the layers of an onion - as you peel each layer another is revealed, and it takes a while to get to the center of the whole thing.

The essence of our experience has been twofold. First, that distances are far greater on a bicycle than they appear on a map! Second, that the world is a wide a varied place, where one often encounters great kindness and generosity. A simple act of kindness can dramatically alter one person's day. We should all seek those opportunities to alter someone's day for the better.

Thank you for joining us for the journey.

Ken & Liz Brown

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