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thermals in rotorura..



spot the geezer



maouri meeting house

all kitted out for black water rafting, check out the sexy gear!


drinks in hostal with kiwi bus-fraz,reis,kerry,danny,me,katy and anna-spot the classy wine, only...

Stopped off at Te papa in Rotorura - a natural thermal springs place, learnt some more about Maori culture here-saw a tradtional meeting house, saw a demonstration on how they made clothes out of reeds and watched their apprentices learning the traditional techniques at the wood carving school there. Also saw my 1st Kiwi (so cute, they move so funnily!), boiling mud, saw (and smelt) lots of thermally steam and a geexer errupting...though u cant really tell in the pic as all the steam is in the way! In Waitomo went black water rafting - basically tubing in underground caves- wicked fun, really narrow, twisty points we were walking/floating thru the caves or jumping into waterfalls, often having to lie right back on your tube to duck under cave ceilings..saw lotsa glowworms( actually the waste products of maggots glowing but they look so pretty!), floated in a giant caterpillar line with no lights on-then tried to find our way out again with no lights. Had drinks with every1 in hostal..we tried to make it Waitomos 1 and only pub but it had shut early-we settled for a big night out in Taupo 2mw instead....

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