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Tivoli Gardens from our last night in Copenhagen

Our train jumped onto a boat to cross the Oresund

Crazy lines at Anne Frank house, for good reason

Sara and Anne

Hey Y'all-

We're back in Amsterdam for the final leg of our trip. Before we said goodbye to

Copenhagen and Sophie (who rocks), we checked out Tivoli Gardens. I'm assuming there's no relationship to Tivoli Gardens in Arcata, as one is a Danish theme park and the other is a ratty Apartment complex behind Figueiredo's Videos known for it's geeky D+D tenants.

Anyway, after a full travel day on the train (which, thank Gawd, was uneventful), we made it to our ultra-sweet hotel in central Amsterdam. We're loving it here! We didn't have time for much else other than dinner last night, but today was full.

The Anne Frank house was everything you think it is, and then some. Mighty heavy, but tasteful, too. Then we spent the rest of the day walking around and scoping the stores here. We also revisited the world famous Pancake Bakery, home of the Poffertje. When we get back, we're making you some, ok? It's a taste symphony. Better than anything ever. Pretty much.

Tonight it's vegetarian food and an early bed. Tomorrow, we're heading out to the Dutch Resistance museum and who knows what else.

Thanks for the terrorist news, it's on every freakin' channel here. People on this side of the Atlantic are taking it seriously.

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