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B - Spent 3 days in Delhi which, after millions of warnings, wasn't that bad at all. In fact, I really liked it. Didn't get up to much - too tired after long flight so spent lots of time eating and sleeping and exploring our local area, which was great, full of bustling bazaars, food market stalls and wandering cows.

Made one evening foray to one of Delhi's major attractions - the Red Fort, which was really beautiful at night, then went to see some of new Delhi but area was v busy, commercial and full of traffic. The driving here has to be seen to be believed - looks completely chaotic at first until you realise that the general rule is the smallest thing on the road always gives way to the biggest and that beeping not indicating is the norm here.

Bear - Delhi was actually much better than we expected, great restaurants (Lou, we descovered dosas!), most people freindly but not too friendly (Apart form at the train station with touts getting us!). We saw an elephant strolling down the main road at night and there are cows walking around like they own all the streets. Birds everywhere too, Kites flying all roung the city and egrets everywhere.

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