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Arty photo of the wonderfully colourful sea and plantlife.

The picturesque Sydney harbour with the bridge and opera house.

Sydney opera house.

'The Rocks' area, Sydney harbour bridge in the background.

Have we exhausted G'day? Nah.


We've reached our last real stop on our trip. Its the furthest we could be from home but I think we both feel a lot closer. We'll be home in 10 days! Plus they have the Queen on all their coins. Hehe.

We slept most of the first day as we'd been awake all the previous night. Luckily from Betty's fantastic apartment, you are unlikely to get bored just sitting in as you can see the whole of DeeWhy beach and watch all the surfers who are braving the weather. Also they all come back to their cars and get changed right outside our apartment (hehe). Betty took us for a drive in a car with seatbelts which was very nice. We went all along the coast from Manly to Palm Beach which is where all the movie stars and stuff live.

Ash and I decided to go for a swim in the afternoon. We'd given the water the morning to warm up. Oceans are warm right? Thats what we thought anyway having seen so much evidence in Thailand and Sri Lanka to support this. How wrong were we? We got down there and there was no one in the pool. (They have shark proof pools which are built alongside the ocean to make swimming safer) We basked in the sun and watched the surfers for a bit until 2 people got in. With wet suits on. Me in my bikini and Ash in his swimming shorts braved the icy water. The girl with the wet suit got out after a bit and said I was "a real goer" for sticking it out. As soon as she was round the corner I jumped out and ran for my towel. So I'm not a wimp I'm a real goer, I just didn't have a wet suit.

Yesterday we ventured into central Sydney for the first time. We have to catch a bus and then a ferry and you enter Sydney just between the Opera House and the Bridge. It was really cool to get our fist view of Sydney from the water. I think thats the way you're meant to do it. Before the boat left we spotted some dolphins in the harbour. Then about 3 or 4 dolphins swam with the boat for about half the journey to Sydney central. It was really magical. We were talking to Leven, a German who has been here for months and he said that was the first time he had ever seen dolphins. Weren't we lucky? We have also seen a big fat weird bird and a thing in a tree with a long nose and tail. I discovered from a book in a tourist shop these were in fact Australia's native Kookaburrah and Possom (please forgive spellings), so now we know what they are always taking about on Neighbours. Oh yeah if we are able to catch enough neighbours well post a neighbours spoiler but its only on once a day here (a crime) so we've only seen one so far.

In Sydney I needed to buy some jeans so we headed to Oxford St. Looked out for Rory's coffee house but couldn't remember the name of it at the time, oops. He's down in "Melbun" now but perhaps we'll go and see what his workmates thought of him. Mwa ha ha!

We've eaten plenty of pasta and toast and cheese since we got here. There's plans for fish and chips one night too. I haven't seen kangaroo burgers anywhere but we'll get em if they exist. Also there is an unbelieveable abundance of surf shops, seriously everywhere so maybe ill come home poorer than I thought. Problem is I'm already over my weight allowance for the plane. (This does not mean I'm fat I'm talking about luggage :p )

Want to go to the zoo tomorrow and see Koalas and Kangaroos and stuff.

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