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Wel, unlike our earlier 'plans' we skipped Adelaide and made a bee-line for Sydney. We decided that on our now limited time here (all relative, of course) that we'd rather spend more time in the sunny northern bits. So we drove. And drove and drove and drove and finally made it. This little side trip ws about 4500 extra kilometers, which, upon reflections was insane, but we still have the car and get to enhjou east coast campin, so hopefully it's all worh it!

We have discovered that we are aquarium junkies, and Sydney has a fantastic one that we spend quite a while in. We're finding that the trend in aquariums is to have massive displays with sharks, rays and lots of fish with Edward Scissorhands style music playing in the background. It's all very Tim Burton. We've seen beautiful turtles and lots of fish. My favourites are always the cephalopods (octopus, squid and nautilus). There are these things called leafy sea dragons which are amazing looking creatures. They are basically shaped like seahorses but the bodies are loner and have a pronounced zig-zag shape to them, and gthey have these leafy looking appendages allover their bodies to help them blend with kelp beds and corals and they are red and blue and green and just almost fake looking. Very Star Trek...There's nothing like an aquarium to remind us that truth is often stranger than fiction.

The other thing we're discovering about ouselves is that we are closet shopaholics. Usually we both shop at thrift stores mostly and rarely pick anything up, but we find that when we're in a city and its raining, we're quite happy to pop along all the shops and buy up their winter sales (mostly only in the south), so we're hoping for more sun as we continue to take the stress off the old plastic :) The fashion here is more european and up to date than we usually dress, which was made more clear to us when we tried to stop someone on the stret to get a restaurant recommendation, and he actually blew us off like you would when someone is trying to panhandle off you! We were like "um, excuse me but.." and he tried to walk on by all" no , sorry, I can't help you". Our reaction of 'what?!' stopped him and he was a little embarrased when we explained what we wanted. But it was hilarious. So, time for a few new items in the old closet?! Possibly. And in the end, we did find a fantastic all vegetarian chinese food place, so all's well tha ends well.

Tomorrow we leave and head off norh to see how close we can get to Byron Bay. Which is close to Brisbane. We'll probably spend a few days there and then keep heading north.

Where do all our stories go when we sit down to write! We need to get arrested or something to be more enertaining (confidential to mom:just kidding!). I guess we did get a ticket within our first few hours in Sydney. We were trying to find visitor information and got smacked with a $130 fine for stopping in a taxi zone. Whoops! When we did find visitor information, she told us that over $14 million comes in from fines alone. Parking is over $40 for 2 hours in the city so we went to a section of the city called Manly, across the harbour. We can park for free where we're staying, and we get a beautiful 30 minute ferry ride into the city for way cheap. Perfect.

Okay doke, here's our news, such as it is. What about all you guys? We'll be back in the country in three weeks or so, so try and see about keeping the weather warm for us , okay? :)


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