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July 29, 2006 Annapolis Royal, NS to Lunenburg, NS - 84 miles

Overnight we had one of the good rains - 2 to 5 am. With a relatively short drive, and later start today, many took the opportunity to visit the Annapolis Royal Farmers Market before leaving. It started at 8 am so we were all there early to watch them set up. Unlike Farmers Markets in Florida, which start at 8 but are busy selling at 7 am, the AR vendors arrive between 8 and whenever. By 9 about 80% of the booths had been filled. Once underway, it's a busy market with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers plus crafts and home prepared foods of all kinds. There were at least 5 different baked goods vendors. I saw one with a good variety of home baked pies, went to look Sally up to choose one, and returned 5 minutes later to find all of them gone :(. Bob, our Fearlelss Adventure Leader had bought them all for a Pie Fest this evening. I didn't have to buy :).

Our journey began with lots of excitement as many ran trying to stop our Fearless Wagon Masters Motorhome which was plowing furrows in the drive with it's TOAD plow. Bob gallantly placed the blame on the Wagon Mistress who did the hookup. Earned the Doofus award today hands down!

Our first 25 miles turned into a Crawl-a-van of 5 rigs that caught up to, and folllowed Jim Funkhouser at 25 mph or less over the very rough and narrow road. All of us found new rattles today. Bruce & Olive even got some new wheel bearings when one of theirs burned out. A good samaritian who lived across the road from where they broke down made arrangements with an RV store to stay open (this is Saturday & things close early) long enough for Bruce and Larry to get the parts, and then helped install the bearings.

This evenings campground with a strange name - Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground - is a great location on top of the highest hill around. With views of the bay and harbor it's just a short 5 blocks to the downtown waterfront. Down is the operative word as the grade is over 15%.

Mid-afternoon we went on a tour of the Fisheries Museum and learned about the historic Cod Fishing that shaped the development of this area. Interesting, but the very hot day created more attention to the Ice Cream shoppe than the Museum exhibits. Our visit coincided with a return visit of the hometown Sailing Ambassador - BLUENOSE II - a 2963 replica of the BLUENOSE, a working 180 foot sailing vessel built in 1921 specifically to win the International Fisherman's Trophy. It's the equivalent of the America's Cup for working sailing ships. BLUENOSE brought the cup back to Lunenburg every year until the competition ceased.

Sally and I remained in town for a great dinner in the Museum restaurant. We topped off another great day at the evening Pie Fest. Wild Blueberry, Raspberry, Cherry, & Apple, plus coconut creme, pumpkin and several others. Would have been a great time to be a cow -- two stomachs!!

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