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When I think about what has changed in part I guess I have. I think I am still the same basic person that left but since I have been back I realize there are so many things that I just don't need anymore. The whole shedding of material things. From six box's of cloths that I had put away I have already pulled 2 to get rid of. I am selling all my furniture as soon as possible and I almost thought about selling my TV, well almost. And even though i am happy to get back behind the wheel again I have also been finding myself just walking more. You know though to be honest with you I haven't really been anywhere long enough to feel that I have actually settled back in. So in a sense I am still traveling yet I have a boat load of responsibilities so I have been feeling a bit stressed to be honest with you. So much to do that I am not exactly sure where to start.

So besides having a massive to do list and feeling a bit out of sots and a bit stressed, I find that I miss hearing other languages, missing the rhythm of other cultures going on around me. It's not that I was in "big eyed and in awe" when I was in some other country but there was always something exciting about being in a new place and just exploring. The twisted little dusty roads of Katmandu, the heat, humidity the congestion of Bangkok, riding my scooter to the docks to get on the boat every morning on Koh Tao, afternoon drinks by the water, overnight boats with 8 -12 hour bus rides waiting for you when you get to shore, riding on top of buses, trekking thru little villages, going sailing or spending time diving with friends. I spent almost a year chasing the sun, seeing where my choices would lead me and oddly it has lead me back here. .

But here, in the City of Brotherly Love, The City that loves you Back, it's not so exciting. . in that way.

Now my excitement has been trying to get some work. Sorting out my tax's and going thru all the paper that has piled up since I have been gone. Now isn't that so much more exciting then sailing thru the Witsunday's in Australia? Or rafting down a river in Nepal? Diving with Manta Ray's in the Andamen Sea?

This weekend though I am heading off to do 3 days of canoeing and camping on some islands on the beautiful Susquehanna River. But even this fun packed weekend is leaving me feeling stressed because I just seem to have so much to do!

Anyway I think this is it for the time being, enough of my rants. If more jumbled thoughts complete a sentence in my brain I'll put it down.

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