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So I came home to customs going thru most of my stuff,...

At my boy Eric's Engagement party in Nj.

Very old crew here. It was good to hang out, it had...

So the guys from our Burning Man crew put together a mad...

Big Matty

Wheel's member and he IS a one percenter.

I've know Gretchen for bout 12 -13 years? I don't know why...

It felt good to back for this night!



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The fundraiser

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Denise Denise

So I have been back now for 10 days and in that time I have been in Philly, Maryland, and the great state of New Jersey. And even though the trip to Nj was fun, being that it was a friends engagement party and I was able to catch up with some friends, I have yet to take a time out and just stand still.

Been getting my bills in order, taking care of building issues and trying to play catch up with my " to do" list before I head back out on the road in a few weeks. It all is a bit overwhelming and to add to the confusion it still feels a bit "odd" to be back.

Let's see what has changed:

- We have 6 kids now selling drugs on the corner instead of the occasional one (they're bringing down my property value)

- More construction is going on, more homes being built

- There seems to be tons of places for sale but everything is mad expensive. (Maybe I should of put more effort to buy something before I left)

- I have heard that the overall crime rate has gone up.

- 3 of my friends have moved out of the neighborhood, 2 are moving back, ones moving to Vermont.

- Back in my old home town the murder rate has gone up and people talk about how it's not safe to walk around, at any time of day.

- but a bit of good news though, my buddy Eric is officially engaged. So there you go. .

Let's see what hasn't changed

- Hhmmm. . . pretty much everything else.

Sometimes I feel like I could of just gone somewhere for the weekend and just had some amazing dreams to explain for everything that has happened over the last 11 months. One of those JR moments, ( Dallas, a American tv series in the 80's, where at the end JR comes out of the shower and the whole show was a dream, it was a big show)

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