CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

Elephants of Koh Samui

CJ Taking a dip in Namuang Falls - Koh Samui

Bexta - Not taking a dip in Namuang Falls - Koh Samui

Cute Baby Elephant - Koh Samui

Our little bungalow - Koh Samui

Inside our little bungalow - Koh Samui

This is more like it - the beach at Angthong Marine Park

The View from the top of Anthong Marine Park

Becks trying to reach the summit at Anthong Marine Park

Our Hosts in Koh Samui - Down & Ollie

We've been here five days now, and tomorrow is our last on Ko Samui. After that we are then heading to Ko Phan Yang for a couple of days, then possibly onto Ko Tao to do a spot of diving.

We've spent a few days chilling out on the beach, working on our tans and the last couple of days we finally got round to a bit of sight seeing which included the Namuang Waterfall which CJ was brave enough to take a dip in! We had our first taste of elephants (as we are sure we are going to come across many on our travels), they were being used to ferry tourists up the mountain near the falls (but they did look very happy and very well looked after!!).

Then today we went to Angthong Marine Park which is where some of the film "the Beach" was filmed. This is how we expected Thailand to be, beautiful clear blue sea and powdery white sand; a complete contrast to the hectic and tawdry going ons in Ko Samui. Once on one of the many islands in the Marine park (there is about 50 of them), we decided to climb up to see some of the viewpoints that were signposted. We made the 100m easily, no trouble at all, but what a bad move to attempt to climb to the 500m mark!! It was very hard work, and we certainly burnt off all that Thai food that we have been eating!! Having finally got back down it an hour later, we were then rushed off to our next activity, kayaking!! We set off eagerly not knowing how much hard work this was going to be as well!! We eventually dropped anchor ashore a gorgeous secluded beach for lunch, it was perfect. Then it was time to kayak again, so off we set into the sunshine only to feel the rain suddenly tapping on our shoulders, but soon the gentle rain turned into a downpour, then practically a monsoon or so it felt. We battled with the rain and the choppy waves, and then finally having regained control of our kayak we paddled to catch up with the rest of our gang!! God did we need a rest when we finally made it back to shore!! All in all it was a great day out and probably the best day so far in terms of scenery, this is what we expected Thailand to be like!!!

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