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We met up with Jo on Friday and discussed the similarities between Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Well not jus that but anyway... Our top ten were all thing they have in SL and Cambodia but not anywhere else we have been. This is what we came up with:

1) Red mud. Just like Sri Lanka in Cambodia all the mud is red as is the dust and general grime. This turns all your belonings red as well as your toenails of you're not careful.

2) Small bananas. The most delicious in Asia we have tasted. Far superior to the tasteless monsters imported by Tesco. Bigger isn't always better.

3) Scarecrows. For want of a better word. In fact they are demon busters placed outside houses to protect them from evil spirits.

4) Lazy builders. Features of Sri Lankan and Cambodian architecture are the metal reinforcers poking through the side of the building as they don't seem to want to cut them off. Bamboo scaffolding is also used in both countries.

5) Shelfless shops. Stapling all your stock to pieces of string and hanging them outside makes far more sense. No dusting.

6) Blessed water. In Sri Lanka when a house is built they set bottles of water blessed by a monk into the plaster in the corner of each room. In lots of restaurants we've been in in Cambodia there are practical joke chairs which have bags of water hanging over them. We can only imagine that this is the same thing.

7) Buses. They break down.

8) Tyre shops. An unreasonable number of them. Perhaps everyone gets punctures because the roads are so p*** poor?

9) Fireflies. Well there cool what else do you want to know?

10) JOHN CENA. The WWE man himself. On T shirts, calenders, magazines, posters, and kids school books.

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