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The transport for the weekend. I was behind the wheel of this!


The Southern Alps. Not quite the real thing, but great skiing anyway.

You can see the baby bit that Alison graduated from after two...

The bottom of the ski runs are very close to the snow...


The wind picks up.

Alison, carving the slopes up.

Pink and green should never be seen... apparently!? I am legally obliged...

Almost at the finish line.


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Last weekend, Alison and I headed up the mountains to do a spot of skiing. This being Alison's first weekend skiing, we took things slowly and escaped from Dunedin up to the pleasant town of Wanaka to ski the "famous" Cardrona Ski Field.

Alison headed off for lessons on the baby slopes while I found some nice Red runs to try out my new skis. Of course down here the colour coding is all different, but to hell with them, I am talking about the normal intermediate slopes of Europe! My skis are great (if a bit battered from a couple of years of being rentals), and it wasn't long before I found some nice off-piste powder.

To compare the ski fields of the "Southern Alps" to those of the REAL Alps is a bit like comparing your backgarden to Hampton Court Palace. I am pretty confident that a single European ski resort has far more miles of skiing than all of the main ski fields on the South Island combined. This having been said, Cardrona has enough for an energetic day's exploring and a day plodding up and down blue runs with your smashing girlfriend.

Alison's lessons were not quite as good as the world famous french ones, but by day two I took her out on some wide blue runs and she was off and away with me struggling to keep up! Check out the video of her perfect snowplough turns.

I am going to make a second trip to Wanaka in a couple of weeks time to try the Treble Cone field, so look out for pictures of that.

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