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A walk in the park with Opa

Who are you shooting at?

A ten Hacken trio.

Little boy fishing?

Opa enjoying Jakes imaginary games

The boys and the dolls.


* After such a great boat trip it's hard to write about anything else and still consider it a highlight!

The day after the boat trip Sean and crew, Opa and I went walking in the park. Afterwards we went back to Opa's place for a drink. Jake and Connor loved Oma's vibrating massage chair!

Opa took us all to Etten-Leur where I'd arranged to stay with Jopie and Bert. They were looking after Mathea (Patrick's son) so it was a good opportunity to introduce Sean and Maria to some of the family. I picked up Oma while Sean got acquainted with Bert and Jopie. Jake and Connor didn't waste any time getting into the toys. It was interesting to see that all three boys were playing with the dolls!

Opa had agreed to stay for an hour and promptly at 5pm the crew headed back into the car back towards Den Bosch. I waved them farewell as it will be a while before I get to spend time with them.

* That evening I visited Thea and Tim and spent a few hours drinking rose with them and their kids. Anke and Koen booked themselves in to stay with us in New York in October which quickly turned into a booking for four - Denise and Sjoerd will come as well. It will be a tight squeeze in our 2 room apartment but it should be fun. I hope you're not expecting anything romantic Koen and Anke - you'll all be sleeping in a row in the same room.

* I arranged with Thea to meet her the following day to join her and Sjoerd on a shopping trip in Breda. The goal was for Sjoerd to get some clothes but somehow I managed to buy a pair of spectacles as well (with a free pair as a bonus). Thea will send them to New York when they're ready. Thanks Thea!

* After a chat in the afternoon with Oma, I headed back to Jopie's for dinner. Eric met me later that night for drink in Etten-Leur at his local pub. I have been there before but this time the Etten-Leur Kermis was on so there were people everywhere. We didn't make it a late one - I had to catch a plane the next day and Eric had to work.


* Bert very kindly dropped me of at Etten-Leur the following morning only for me to call him to pick me up again when I heard the trains weren't running from Roosendaal to Etten-Leur . There was a power cut. Unfortunately, they didn't give out anymore information and I was incorrectly told by another waiting passenger that they may be running from Roosendaal to Breda. However, after Bert drove me there we found out that information was false and the only way I could get to Schiphol was to take the train from Breda. Bert VERY kindly turned back in the direction we'd just come and drove me to Breda. I'm sure I wasn't the only one almost stranded. The train from Leiden to Schiphol was absolutely packed. I was very lucky to get to Schiphol just in time to check-in. Thanks Bert for being my chauffeur!

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