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So, it turns out that a planned 4 days turns into 9 quite easily when you're living the diving life. After I finished the basic open water scuba course, i was just starting to get the hang of diving and wanted some more. The solution was to sign up for a advanced course. The advanced course involved five dives focusing on various skills: navigation, buoyancy, naturalist, and the highlights deep water and night diving. The deep dive is interesting because there is the potential to experience nitrogen narcosis, an intoxicating effect of the high levels of nitrogen that absorbs into your body when you go below about 25m. In addition, that's where you find the whale sharks on this island. Unfortunately, even at 32m I got to experience neither of these. The night dive was also quite promising because of the barracuda that come out to feed at night. Sometimes divers are lucky enough to witness a small fish get torn in half in a fraction of a second, but again no dice. We did stand on the bottom with our lights out and watched the plankton light up as we waved the water around with our hands. Very cool. But now the diving is over and it's time to move on.

Today I'm heading north to Chiang Mai, a thai cultural highlight. Should be a nice change from the backpacker beach scene. Will update again soon.

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