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Polo and I decided to head over to the sleepy town on Kampot for a bit of a vacation from Phnom Penh's madness. We were wanting to spend the least amount of money possible so when we arrived we went straight to Polo's distant distant relatives to try and possibly acquire a free moto for the day. It was instant success, we didn't even have to mention needing a moto and they had already offered us their's. We spent that day going around the town and then over to a waterfall and a few villages. Polo really enjoyed himself as he said he's never seen anyplace like this. After this we returned the bike and went for some delicious Khmer cuisine at Mr. T's place.

The next morning it was off to Bokor for some dirtbiking. We got up bright and early at 7 am and had some breakfast and prepared our supplies for the journey. We go our stuff together and departed at 9 am off to the wilderness. The first 20 Km's of the journey was a long national highway which we spent seeing how fast the bike could go. This particular bike could reach speeds of 100 km's an hour. The station at the bottom of Bokor Hill tried to charge Polo for admission as well, apperently the fact that he spoke Khmer didn't tip her off. We started off pretty easy and I kept the spedometer at around 20 km's/hr, but as I got more confident we were soon travelling at a good 50 km's/hr and making our way to the top at record pace. I could tell Polo was a little afraid of how fast I was going because his grip on my waist turned into a strong hug. We got stuck behind a truck halfway up and we weren't allowed to pass. I kept honking, but he was intentionally blocking the way for me. The pulled over after 15 minutes to take pictures and we shot by them. We beat everyone to one of the top most points which turned out to be good because shortly after visiting the first abondoned building (the Kings ol' vacation pad) we broke down. We hitched a ride with a local gueshouse to the top and explored all the abandoned buildings and cliffs. The scenery is incredible and I got some amazing pictures.

The guy arrived that owns the dirtbikes and we made our way down to the bottom. The ride down was just as scenic as the way up, except for the scenery was moving a lot faster. I wanted to break a world record for heading down, but unfortunately the guy that owns the motorbikes turned out to be a professional rider and he was long out of sight before I could even get started. Overall, it was the second best thing I've done this whole trip. Everything about it really reminded me of home.

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