Rebecca and John's Honeymoon in Indonesia, 2006 travel blog

The shuttle to the airport was easy. They allow passengers to check luggage at the train station, but TSA doesn't allow it for several carriers, including Cathay Pacific, so we had to carry our bags. When we got to the terminal it was unclear where we were supposed to check in, so 'Becca did some reconnaissance and we got in the right line. When we got to the ticket agent she was confused, just as every ticket agent this trip had been. However, she tried to explain the problem and to correct it, whereas all of the other agents had, apparantly, just worked around the problem. The root of the problem is that The System had both e-tickets and paper tickets for us, even though we only knew about the paper tickets. When we checked in in Boston, the ticket agent there seems to have used the e-ticket rather than the paper ticket, and the rest of the trip the agents used the paper tickets, but The System was confused because it looked like we hadn't taken the first leg of the journey. She ended up having to go to the ticket office and get us new tickets, but then everything went smoothly. We got to the waiting area, found seats, and waited, but not for very long. Just like the last time we were in Hong Kong Airport, there wasn't an announcement about boarding - just a chime and a changed sign. Overall, the airport is much quieter and better organized than most US airports, and I like it much better. We got on the plane and settled in for the 15 hour flight. Unlike the flight from JFK to Hong Kong, this flight had no stops. I finished the book I was reading, slept a few minutes, watched about 45 minutes of "Firewall" then decided I didn't care how it ended, read the inflight magazine, then we landed in JFK

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