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View over the bays!

Spent a lazy day at the nearest beach in this photo!



We were so grateful to have decided to stop here. At first we were going to stop at Anna bay but we checked out One mile beach and it was so beautiful that we had to stay there! Luckily the weather was absolutely gorgeous so we chilled out for the day in the dunes overlooking the sea. We parked up in the car park right next to the beach which was ideal. That night we got a bit of an insight to the local wildlife. Firstly when it hit nightfall a very nice surfer dude came and showed us a koala up in a tree! It was well cute, a lot smaller than i thought it would be! Then as we were cooking up a treat for ourselves that night we were alerted to some rustling in the bushes! With our handy torch we went to check out the sitch and to our surprise a little creature jumped out that we had never seen the likes of before!

As Jackie stood on a chair screaming it was a huge monster rat I tried to stamp it away to save the food and the little critter went for my feet!!!

Some random from the town came4 ovewr to see what on earth all the kefaffle was about and informed us it was a possum! Quite cute really, nothing that a bit of bread couldnt sort out!

Later that night all sorts of crazy sounds were heard from the trees, Jackies comment of the week when questioned what it could be in the tree "its a kangaroo!" Ha ha!

We survived the night a went for a nice jog along the beach followed by a fresh dip in the sea! It was so gorgeous, eventhough the local looked on at us like a couple of crazies! Then the next day we went to Nelson Bay as advised by a local, where we climbed up this hill/mountain and could see all over the bays. Sometimes you could spot whales but we werent so lucky this time!

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