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Day 9 Cuencea

Enjoyed watching the World Cup Final on our last day in Ecuador.

Day 10 Punta Sal

A long days drive into Peru a very exciting experience particularly when crossing the boarder which is about 5km long. I have also never seen so many people packed into one town trying to sell a range of different things. Finally arrived at our campsite by the Beach Punta Sal in the afternoon to enjoy the last bit of sun.

Day 11 Punta Sal

Not much to say got very burnt sitting on the beach but enjoyed a very relaxing day and it was great fun camping on the beach.

Day 12 Huanchaco

Another long drive into the changing scenery of the desert to stay in a great town by the sea.

Day 13 Huanchaco

In the morning had an excellent tour around the Pre Inca Historical sites of Chan Chan. (See Photos attached).

Day 14 Lima

A long drive through the desert and into Lima one of the most overcrowded, polluted and dangerous cities I have ever visited. However we are staying in a great Hotel in the centre of Lima.

Day 15 Lima

Explored the city and spent most of the day in Miraflores a very modernised area of Lima. Unfortunately no pictures from Lima as I would probably not have my camera now.

Day 16

Rachel left today and should be home by Monday morning. It is Independence Day in Peru and whilst visiting the Presidents House a massive Carnival was going around with about 500 people playing musical instruments and dancing.

I hope everyone is well I have a very busy week coming up going to Paracas National Park, Ballestas Island and Nazca Lines. Will update the site again at the end of next week.


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