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The moat around the old Citadel - Hue

Doors to the Tomb of Tu Duc - Hue

Dong Hoi fishing village

Big stalagmite - Phong Nha caves

Big cavern (you can just see a little man sat on his...

Hue (pronounced hway, not hyuwi as i first thought) Was one of our favourite places so far. We stayed for three nights in a friendly little guest house. During our stay there we visited the tomb of Tu Duc, well the tomb of his hundreds of concubines, favourite wife and son. No one knows where Tu Ducs tomb is as everyone who built it was killed then the people who killed the people who built it were killed, and then the people who killed... well you get the picture. The Grounds were beautiful, set round a lily and lotus flower lake in the middle of a pine forest.

Hue itself is a quiet city full of trees and open spaces. In the Centre is the old city, with the remains of the palace and citadel (there would be more of it if the Americans hadn't have bombed it) a quiet place with more beautiful architecture. We enjoyed scooting into the countryside in Hue and visiting the local beach.

To be continued . . . .

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