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Kite flyers on Sanam Luang (Grand Palace in background)

Picture of the king in front of City Pillar - all intercity...

Inside Wat Pho

Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho (gold leaf finish, mother of pearl on...

How big ? Glad you asked - 46m long, 15m high

What I need is a mop to hold, then I will really...

Sarah had more success impersonating the doorway

Wat Saket (Golden Mount) where Denis proposed to Sarah five years ago

Jim Thompson's House - the American silk magnate

He disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1967

He also liked fish

Big fish

Waiting for the film, Sarah got to play with Elmo and The...

Denis had always wanted to stroke Yoda's ears

McCopy that statue

We had a brilliant flight for some reason and were at our hotel within an hour. We didn't do much the first day as we had not slept for 36 hours and found it odd that there were no cows and moustaches. We soon got ourselves back into gear with a few beers and thai chicken curry (hmmm, nice). We also found an internet cafe with a fast connection - hence now up to date.

Next day, had a swim in the rooftop pool (8 quid a night for a double) and then went off to get a Thai Massage at Wat Pho - which houses the Thai Massage Institute (we hope to do a course for a week when we are back in Bangkok in 2 weeks). On the way we walked past the Grand Palace and lots of pictures of the King. You can get arrested for making fun of him. We also had some excellent street food - some pancakes with quails eggs in them, yummy!

Another swim the next day, then went by river taxi up one of the klongs (canals) to see Jim Thompson's House - he re-established the Thai silk industry after WWII. On the way we walked past Wat Saket or the Golden Mount which for some reason is a special place for us.

However, most importantly we then watched the Return of the King (English language, Thai subtitles with Thai and English subtitles when they speak Elvish). Film was excellent. They play the Thai national athem before the start of every film in Thailand.

Off to Phuket today (plane) were we hope to find somewhere to learn to dive (there or on one of the nearby islands anyway).

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