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Exotic island life.

Our bungalow in the evening.1.50, remember.

A postcard sunset.

Impending doom for the journey back.

Soaked on the boat :(

For those worrying that we've started working at some bizarre strip-joint, we're not. We were just totally lacking in inspiration for this post's title, and came up with something pretty much completely irrelevant. The only link to anything relevant is that we're now on the exotic, fabulous and beautiful island of Ko Pha-Ngan (Ko Pan Yang) to go to a 'Full Moon Party' which basically entails staying up all night and partying until dawn, just because there's a full moon. Any excuse, eh?

As I said, the island is just fantastically beautiful. We haven't seen any of it really, just where we got off the boat and the little bungalow village we're staying at on the west coast, but the coast is amazing. White sandy beaches, water the deepest blue and turquoise colour you can imagine, little tropical islands cropping up out of the sea everywhere, cool breeze, gorgeous red sunsets, palm trees. The works. If I could rub it in any more, I'd also add that the bungalows we're staying in are costing us just 1 pound 50 a night each. Ha!

We've passed our time just lazing around on the beach, trying to organise a fishing trip with no success (The weather has been too choppy recently, apparently. Looked great to us...), watching films in the seating/eating area of the place we're staying and other fairly mundane things. Ashley gave Fiona a lesson in chess earlier today. Soon after, a French man challenged Ash to a game. Ash lost in about 6 goes. The experienced chess mentor grand master image went right out the window!!

We've also given ourselves challenges for until we return home. It started last night when we realised we had exactly 40 days left until we get home. Firstly, quite exciting, and secondly, and rather more obviously, the same length as Lent. We decided as we'd never successfully completed a Lent vow, we'd do one now. The challenges are as follows:

ASHLEY'S CHALLENGE - To not drink ANY fizzy drinks and specifically Coke, and also not to eat any overtly un-healthy food, so no burgers or chips.

FIONA'S CHALLENGE - To do sit-ups every day, starting with 10, gradually going up (We haven't yet decided the incriment, but it will increase by something over some time).

We'll keep you posted on those developments. Anyhow, the full Moon Party is tonight. When you see the moon this evening, we'll be partying under it, thousands of miles away, 6 hours ahead. We're looking forward to it :)

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