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Meeting up with Ingrid again from my New Zealand trip

This is still one of my favorite cars, the old body style...

Lisa P and Christian

I just find it funny. . .

Just a random peice of art


Some corporate art

We all went shopping

and shopping

Lisa and Christian having a "moment"

Burning Man baby!

I just had too . . .

You know a girl lives here


If any of you guys from SF are out there here's one...

So little things about Munich

- It's clean, especially since I just came out of egypt

- So many people ride bicycles and they take it very seriously, Don't walk in the bike path. . . . Had some old man give me the finger last week . .

- Most people are so dam polite here, except for that old man. . .

- Beer's good

- during the summer there's daylight until about 10 o'clock. This actually was making me a bit batty for about the first week that I was here.

- Italians are the largest group of immigrants in Munich, hence there is pasta on every menu and a boat load of Italian restaurants

It's pretty cool here and it's been nice exploring it with Lisa and Christian. Especially since it's still new to them also since they have only been here for about 2 months. I might not of motivated to see some of it's more historical settings (like some other places I have been) but again I do feel that I have gotten a good feel for the place itself. Ton's of restaurants, cool little shops, nice districts, quite a few little parks and the massive English Gardens with it's little streams pretty much makes this walkable city a nice place to be in. A very efficient mass transit system also makes it easy to get out and about. I think of the places that I have been to over the last year this is definitely a place that I could consider staying in for awhile. BKK and Melbourne being among the others and of course can't forget good ol' Koh Tao.

I guess I am writing this while I am thinking a lot about the fact that I will be home in a few days so with that resting heavily on my head I can't really think of anything witty to say about my time here. I was kinda running out of steam after Egypt and I needed to just rest. Some times you have to remember to slow down for a minute and as my mom would say "smell the rose's" or at least take a load off. Plus I keep thinking about all the things that need to be taken care of at home. The inevitable has come, going back to responsibilities, going back to the world. Bill's to be payed, tax's to be filed, life to be sorted. All that good stuff. . .I am not actually looking forward to it.

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