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Sorry for not updating this site sooner there have not been many places to use the Internet and also we have been very busy and more importantly have been having a fantastic time.

Day 1 The Flight

Arrived into Quito on time at 2300 very tired having been on 4 planes and many Security Checks. Checked into a Hotel in Quito and enjoyed a good nights sleep.

Day 2 Journey to the Jungle

A full days drive took us away from Quito through some incredible scenery and out into the Jungle. We spent one night in a tin hut in Mishawuli before going into the Jungle for real. That night we experienced our first Tropical Rainstorm I have never seen rain like it and the impact it has on the river is unbelievable.

Day 3 The Jungle

Travelled into the Jungle by a boat a great experience particularly with the river flowing as fast as it was and arrived at our Jungle Lodge. The afternoon was spent on a walk through a Jungle trek seeing the wildlife, plants and insects that the Jungle had to offer.

Day 4 The Jungle

Our second morning was spent walking through another much harder trek through a lot of water and mud. Our Jungle Guide Fausto was fantastic and showed many amazing things including the tree where Savlon comes from it was very useful for all the bites I had on my legs. In the afternoon we visted a Museum that showed all the traps they use to catch animals and we were able to practice using a blow pipe. For the journey today they allowed me to drive the Jungle boat very different to driving on the River Thames. In the evening the Medicine Man visted us and performed a very strange ceremony.

Day 5 The Jungle

We spent the morning visiting Fausto our guides family and then watched them collect very small amounts of gold from the river that they will sell for a very minimal price, we also saw our first snake. After this we went on rubber rings down the rapids in the River a great experience. We returned to Mishawuli for Lunch and then began the drive to Banos and arrived that evening despite a delay for a couple of hours due to a landslide.

Day 6 Banos

Banos is probably the most spectacular place I have ever visited you will be able to see this in the photos that I have added. In the morning I did the most crazy thing I think I have every done it is called a bridge swing it involves Jumping off a bridge and free falling for about 10 metres before the rope takes up the slack and you swing across the bridge. That evening Rachel and I spent a lovely evening and got engaged but I will tell you more about that when I get back.

Day 7 Banos

A morning to relax before going white water rafting great fun especially when the boat capsised and we all fell out. That evening we went out and celebrated our good news with the group and certainly felt the consequences of that night in the morning.

Day 8 Cuencea

A full days drive through yet further spectaluar scenery took us into the town of Cuenca. We will be spending one day here to watch the football before heading south into Peru.

I hope everyone that has read this is well and has enjoyed looking at my photos. I will attempt to update at some stage next week probably in Lima.

Love to you all

Tom and Rachel

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