Lady Di...on her state visit... travel blog

Steve, Susan, Me, Clodagh & Mark

The guys just loved getting all dressed up!

Clodagh & I on the booze again!

Can't remember what on earth we were all laughing at!

Josh...looking scarily convincing as a woman! He couldn't stop playing with his...

Learned that I suck at the limbo!

Mark...battered as usual!

Dido lookalike on the left and Meg Ryan hair on the right


Oh dear god...!

Baywatch babes on the bar!

Woke up feeling rough...the measures over here are just ridiculous and guess I was more drunk last night than I thought! Lie on the beach feeling sorry for myself and trying not to move or be sick for a couple hours! Sarah had gone on a boat trip for the day so I wander off to get some lunch and bump into Clodagh and Mark getting food too. We were reminiscing about the wicked boat trip in Ko Chang and seeing them has just made me want to go back now. All got a cyclo to this really posh hotel with a swimming pool and all chilled out, until Mark wanted to practise with my Poi - and Clodagh & I counted 7 different people come over and want a go. Can't believe how much interest they cause. Weird.

Then, Mark being Mark...the 3 of us cram into this cyclo home and Mark sits there doing a yoga position and all the passing traffic are so amused by it all...then he decides to stand up and do the royal wave. He's such a laugh!

Met up with them for a fancy dress night out - beach wear theme - and having only an hours notice couldn't really do much but borrow Clodagh's little beach dress and my bikini, with a flower in my hair! Crazy, crazy night...and felt a bit 18-30's but it was a good laugh. Was going to leave tomorrow but am going to hang around and spend some more time with them.

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