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Nha Trang beach

Some girl getting massaged on the beach

Having hairs removed with cotton...weird!

Local seller wanting a go with my Poi!

Homemade Apple Pie!!! in The sailing club

The dutch couple!

The vietnamese girl teaching me her dance moves!

Mark & Clodagh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surprisingly efficient 7 hour coach journey to Nha Trang, so arrived just in time to catch a few hours of rays on the huge beach here. Sarah and I got hassled so much it was ridiculous. In about 20 minutes we had maybe 30 people try to sell us things...amazing what you can get on the beach here...waxing even! The little kids would run up and say 'you want postcard' and I'd say no and then they'd sit there saying 'why?' Cheeky little sods.

Practised our Poi on the very packed beach which caused some amusement. We were photographed a lot and had to teach 4 separate people how to do it, 1 entire family came over and all stood in line taking turns. Nuts. Had a little chuckle to myself when this Israeli came to try and but in with my teaching efforts and I hoped maybe he could teach me something new, so I asked him to show me his moves and he then admitted he was useless and couldn't do it - with his mates howling at him being caught out. Idiot!

Went to 'The Sailing Club' and my word, Nha Trang is tourist heaven. So many very plush bars, swimming pools, hotels, felt a bit odd considering this is Vietnam. Spent the night with Sarah chatting away and waiting for the weird Vietnamese music to change so we could dance...the Vietnamese boys are so funny when they dance! Met a wicked Dutch couple (apparently he works for Hed Kandi) and they kept plying me with drinks bless. Then after Sarah decided to go home I stay and these Vietnames girls start copying my little dance moves - and I'm copying them, it was cool.

...and then................who do I bump into.............Clodagh & Mark!!!! The Irish coupld I met the first time I was in Ko Chang and I had travelled back to Bangkok with them! It was just amazing to see them and a lot of drunken hugs and 'I love you's' and 'we miss Ko Chang' were exchanged.

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