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It was a typical border crossing day...a few hours on a bus to the border...a confused crossing ( we couldn't work out where we were actually meant to go! You think it wouldn't be difficult but trust me Laos & signage don't go together!

However we were kept entertained by the prostitute who kept propostioning Matt - until I made my presence known!!!!

We got chatting to a British couple who worked in the Alps... they were heading to the same town. We thought that the bus station in Laos was a short walk from the declined the moto drivers..but it turned out to be 1km with our backpacks!

We quickly realised the bus standards in Laos were slightlyt different from Vietnam. Air con was windows and fans! They also lke to fill the buses in Laos...not just seats but any space- even the space that you don't realise is there until someone squeezes into it. All that was missing were chickens & pigs!

We arrived later than expected and grabed a tuktuk to find accomodation (with Darren & Carol). Accomodation in Laos is amazingly cheap...about $4-5 for a room with aircon & private bathroom (although they failed to put a sink in this particular one!)

We had a few beers (Beer Lao.....supposedly the best in SE Asia!) at the guesthouse and then wandered in to town so see what was going on. Very little. It was extremely quiet...the main square was fact the town was! Quite a shock after Vietnam whcih is always hectic!

We managed to find a restaurant which was open....and were higly amused by some of the translations on the menu....'soup lacks salt', or 'Noodles with some part chicken'!

Laos closes early- at 10pm we struggled to find anywhere which would still sell us drinks!

The following day we had planned on getting a bus to Vientiane...but unfortunatly the previous nights meal wasn't kind so we stayed an extra night to get an early bus the following day.

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