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At the Chinese Temple. Touching the ball brings good luck!

Our island resort.

Haliban. Our bungalow on the island.

Our short stay in Penang ended this morning. We woke up and headed off to what we believed was the Chinese mansion. Upon our return we found out that we hadn't been to the mansion but had actually been to the oldest, most extravagant Buddhist temple in Malaysia. Because no one at the temple spoke English we didn't realise our mistake. The temple was good though.

In the afternoon we set off for Kuala Kangsar. First by ferry, then bus, minibus and finally a boat.

Our resort is called SukaSuka, which means go as you please. The whole place is run by two people (Aziz and Asiah). The island is on a lake in secondary jungle. We are the only people on the island (except for the monkeys, water buffalo and monitor lizards).

Our bungalow sits right on the riverbank with our own personal hammock. It is a hard life!

In the evening Asiah prepared a Malaysian meal, before we ate it, we were told how each dish was made. It was amazing. We ended the evening playing 'Chunka' a traditional Malaysian game.

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